Mouth Blown

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huge 1993 cliff goodman art glass 17x13 centerpiece bowl mouth blown signed

mouth blown molten glass terrarium bowl vase slumped on reclaimed driftwood

midcentury hand blown ruby red wide mouth hour glass studio art vase

large vintage hand blown amber glass fish terrarium with mouth open beautiful

crystal teardrop art glass swirl paperweight m pyrcak signed mouth blown poland

hand cut glass and mouth blown amethyst cut to clear cocktail glass

hand cut glass and mouth blown blue cut to clear bowl cased glass

hand cut glass and mouth blown cranberry cut to clear bowl cased glass

12 pieces italian mouth blown art glass murano glass candy

margaritta glass mouth blown brown green blue

silvestri glass works mouth blown art glass black bowl

antique mary gregory style mouth blown and hand painted vase circa 1800s

new aromatique mouth blown green swirl glass pedestal bowl vase compote green

ivv crystal vtg glass mouth blown vase with raised ribbed design made in italy

crystal holiday mouth blown flared champagne flutes set of 6

antique mouth blown green apple glass decanter bud vase applied spirals n

mouth blown block crystal polished decanter set w 6 glasses aqua blue barware

unusual mouth blown blue opalescent glass spittoon polished bottom base pontil

art glass mouth blown flower cranberry color 9 long

art glass mouth blown flower 6 3 4 tall

lsa international heavy cobalt blue handcrafted mouth blown glass vase poland

vintage lustrulite california mouth blown usa abstract modern art glass oil lamp

american decorative mouth blown chartreuse glass punch bowl set blenko

american decorative mouth blown amber glass covered cake stand blenko

buzz blogett closed mouth sea form hand blown vase

hand formed mouth blown art glass

vintage mouth blown blenko olive green crackle bulbous glass 8 vase mid century

rare vintage lot 2 glaskunst lauscha germany handmade mouth blown candle holders

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Mouth Blown

Former Buc Sapp can shout his status now (St. Petersburg Times)

**By Gary Shelton, Times Sports Columnist**

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Carve this one with some attitude, guys. When the bust of Warren Sapp is
created, no one should make it tame. Do not have it stare out into eternity
with a placid little smile. Not for this guy. For Sapp, the bust that will
accompany him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame should be snarling. The mouth
should be wide open, the way it usually was. The eyes should be wide in full-
blown rage. His expression should be slightly annoyed.

And the hair?

"It ought to be with the dreads," Sapp said, cackling. "Because when you saw
that Sapp coming, you were in trouble."

Warren Sapp, the Bucs' bigger-than-life defensive tackle, became the second
Bucs player to reach the Hall on Saturday night (joining the late Lee Roy
Selmon). Of course he did. Who was going to tell him he didn't belong?

After a career that combined great play with an occasionally nasty attitude,
after helping to turn the perennially wretched Bucs into one of the finest
defenses of the era, Sapp reached the Hall in his first year of eligibility.

Think of Sapp ...

St. Petersburg Times

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How mouth blown glass Christmas ornaments are made-

Home Accents and Unique Decorative Elements For Your Home

The choice of home accents and decorative elements that you select for your home can make all the difference between you being the envy of your neighborhood or just another host for dinner parties. Even if this doesn't matter to you, it makes sense to decorate your home the best you can, and the following suggestions for unique home accents will enable you to achieve both: be envied, admired and be more than just another host!

Keep in mind that we are discussing decorative elements here and not themes or furniture. Examples include ornamental and contemporary wall art, figurines, sculptures and wall murals, Chinese masks and glass. Each of these can add a decorative element to any room in your home, whether it is decorated to a specific theme or not.

Chinese Opera Masks

Chinese opera is famous worldwide, and has a particular appeal due to the masks the characters wear to represent specific moods. By hanging masks on your wall that represent bravery, valor, honesty or loyalty, you can add a unique home accent to a dining room or lounge that would definitely be a popular conversation piece in your home.

This type of decorative element is perfect for those guests that are shy and unsure of how to start up a conversation. All they need do is ask what's behind the design of each mask, and off you go! You could complement your Chinese masks with other forms of oriental wall art. One very beautiful example is a set of six screens which together form a fabulous peacock, 3 feet high by 6 feet wide, or perhaps you would prefer the simplicity of a single lotus leaf formed by three screens totaling 2 feet by 6 feet?

There are many more examples of Chinese hanging wall screens available online, displaying many other themes such as Chinese calligraphy, calligraphic Feng Shui, golden double dragons or simple an oriental representation of the four seasons. All of these are equally beautiful and equally dramatic for a home or room decorated in an oriental theme, or simply as an ancient decorative element displayed in a contemporary setting.

Murano-Style Glass

Do you like glass? Most people do, but genuine Italian Murano glass from Murano Island in Venice is extremely expensive, but there are many examples of glass hand blown in the Murano style available online at a fraction of the Murano prices. Take a stunning Murano-style mouth-blown glass sculpture, styled in beautiful wave-like lines and sitting on a crystal base. Or perhaps one in the design of an eye, or a tear drop.

You and your guests could spend hours discussing the thoughts behind the artist that designed them. Why a tear drop - what could the artist have been using as his or her model? A real tear drop or an imaginary one? Whatever the design you choose, you won't regret choosing this type of glass to decorate your home. These beautifully exotic and dramatic hand crafted home accents will offer colorful style and vision to your home décor.

European Sculpture

Maybe European sculpture is more to your liking? If that's the case you are sure to love an 11.5 inch replica of Rodin's 'The Thinker'. Said to be a representation of Dante, The Thinker was originally named The Poet, and represents someone in sober meditation, apparently contemplating some form of inner struggle. Perhaps you would prefer a small statue of Moses by Michelangelo, or if you have a friend or relative who is a physician, a 12.5 inch stone cast wall plaque of the Hippocratic Oath, as written by the 'Father of Medicine', the Greek Hippocrates, would be a fabulous gift for their home.

There many different types of figurine available online that would grace any home. There are unique contemporary home accents in the form of animals, people or thought-provoking abstractions. Among such wonderful decorative elements for your home is a stunning sailfish - a life-size representation of a 38 inch long sailfish, 20 inches high on a swivel base so it can be pointed in any direction. In beautiful sparkling color, this lifelike sailfish in a bronze finish with a greenish patina would also make a fabulous gift for any sports fisherman.

Provocative Abstractions

Among the more abstract shapes available is a set of animal horns in polished aluminum, displaying a swirling dynamic form of movement that will also draw comments from your guests. Another is a simple abstract wood sculpture containing a single unbroken circle representing eternity and sure to elicit a discussion on its meaning and what the artist had in mind when creating it.

These are just some of the beautiful and amazing home accents that can be found online. Decorative elements such as these are more than just home décor, but conversation pieces that are sure to kick off discussions and suggestions as to their original meaning. They will grace any home, irrespective of its decorative style: conventional, contemporary or futuristic.

About the Author
The is a wide range of beautiful decorative elements available online that you can choose to complement your home décor. You will find more information on Chinese opera masks, blown glass and many types of wall art available on the Global Home Accents website.

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