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Can I keep a black phantom tetra fish in a bowl?

well i had a friend's debut part (filipino 18th birthday) and her centerpieces were fishes in these tall cylinder glass bowls. i won one and i found out that fish in mine is a female black phantom tetra fish. can i keep this in the bowl? i dont want to go all out and buy a fish tank filter heater because i knwo my mom wont spend that for the fish. however i still want to provide a good home. so please give advice! please and thank you! :)
im planning to get food, decorations and more friends for HER tomorrow since i barely got her tonight. thank you for all the answers. :)
OH! and the jar is a walstad vase :)

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It's very sad to see live animals used as table decorations and prizes. If those had been kittens in cages or birds, I bet it would have been seen differently. Some reason fish are different despite being more tricky to care for!

Your Tetra needs at least 15 US gallons, filtered and heated, and 5 friends as Tetras are shoaling fish and only find comfort in company of their own kind. Alone they will be skittish and permanently terrified.

If you can't provide this, you need to give it back to a pet shop.