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Frequently Asked Questions...

I am looking to hire or purchase 16 eiffel tower glass vases in Australia.?

I have found heaps overseas but the shipping and handling to get them here takes the price over my budget. If anyone knows of anyone who sells/hires out these please tell me it would be much appreciated. I am in Brisbane.

An eiffel tower vase is a tall skinny glass vase used for elaborate event centrepieces.


Best Answer...


You Should look on Ebay. I order from there all the time and when my sister got married I ordered a ton of stuff from there for her wedding. Everything from her veil to decorations, Balloons, etc. You can also order on in big quantities on ebay such as 16 vases that your looking for. I'll list a few things for you. If you don't like them just try searching for more on ebay! Also, Ebay items arrive in the mail in about a week or less!
Good Luck!
Tounne xox