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Toriginal Eco

Using Facebook To Boost Eco-Friendly Awareness

Here's a novel idea. , an online retailer of eco-friendly office supplies has announced a new program aimed at raising awareness for it’s environmentally friendly office products via Facebook.

Building on it’s modest but growing Facebook presence, is awarding free office supplies to fans who have taken steps to go green. Contest winners will be selected weekly beginning June 1st and running for an undetermined length of time. Anyone with a Facebook account is eligible.

Facebook members simply become a fan of at' . They then simply post on’s wall a few sentences about things they have done to ‘green’ their lifestyle. Each week the posts will be reviewed and a winner will be selected. Winners receive a free green office supply from the pool of available items. The item pool is constantly updated with new green products.

“This is a great way to help get the word out.” says a spokesperson. “Eco-friendly living is really beginning to take hold these days. Facebook is a great way for those concerned with the environment, and even people taking small steps towards eco friendly living and products, to tell other what they are doing”. says it has been seeing a steady increase in Internet based mechanisms such as, Facebook and blogs (such as their own at ) to talk about eco friendly concerns and share stories and tips about earth friendly living.

“Environmental responsibility is a job for all of us. Social networking users in general really seem to be in tune with that. We thought this would be a great way to let them know that even in the office, there is a supplier offering all the office supplies they normally use in an eco friendly version” added a employee.

The whole program can be seen at '

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