Oval Glass

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how can i cover a glass front door without making it look tacky?

I am getting a place that has a front door with an oval glass feature right in the middle and you can see right into our living room.. i am just wondering how i am going to cover it and keep it looking nice from both the inside and outside of the house. does anyone have any ideas or know where i can get ideas?

Best Answer...


Home Depot and Lowes sell this product that is very similar to a film, that you cover the glass with. But it comes in many varities like frosted glass, watercolored and stained glass. The stained glass ones are beautiful when the light shines through them, and they arent that easy to tell it's not real. Appliing them is not difficult. Just cut it to fit the size you need, and put it on like a big sticker. I would use a wallpaper scraper though to smooth out any air bubbles. I believe the product cost about $17 a roll. And I cant remember the name but both stores sell it in their window blinds area.