Jelly Dish

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Hi fellow seniors, have you broken anything valuable?

I dropped my Mother's lovely old sandwich/cake platter whilst rummaging through my old crockery prior to taking some stock to a car boot sale tomorrow.

This item wasn't going to the sale I just had to move it out of the way.
I was really cross with myself as that plate wasn't particularly monetarily valuable but precious to me and my family and was always used during high days and holidays.

So has this sad scenario ever happened to you?

Best Answer...


Yes, Lily, I have. I broke my grandmothers' jelly dish just a few years after she had passed. At this time, my mom was still living and I had to tell her that the jelly dish she had entrusted to me, had been broken. It was fixable, but not the same. I still have it to this very day.

I was terrified when this happened as my mom talked about this bowl and her own memories. I was not sure how she would take the news. She took it well, but I always see that crack with one small section missing and wished I had been a bit more careful.

Sorry about your Mom's platter.