Gold Amber

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do I make my hair blonde or red naturally?

So, I'm a brunette and I'd like to make my hair a bit lighter. It doesn't have to be blonde, just... lighter n.n.
I heard about the lemon thingy but I also heard that it only works for blondes 'cause if you're a brunette it will make your hair orange-y
I also heard that if you put red tea on your hair it will eventually turn a bit red.
Have you tried anything to make your hair lighter or do you know of someone who has?

Best Answer...


WHY!!! Do people ask this question??! Changing the color of your hair (No matter HOW you do it) is the very DEFINITION of UN-NATURAL. You should ask: Are there any natural products that will make my hair blonder (or Redder)? Try using RAW (Unprocessed) Honey it contains natural enzymes that will lighten the hair and bring out the natural highlights. (Processed Honey doesn't work) Strong Chamomile Tea will add some gold/amber highlights. And Henna will add reddish tones. To use the Honey: apply enough to thoroughly saturate dry, freshly washed hair cover with plastic wrap or cap leave on 20 to 30 mins. rinse, shampoo and condition. This may take 2 or 3 treatments to see results.

Hope This Helps.