Glass Peacock

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much should I take with me to Paris?

I asked the question before, but I only got 1 answer. Hello everyone :) I'm off to Paris in November for a week, and my parents (and myself :P ) are unsure as to how many euros I should take. The meals are paid for already, so I suppose the rest is for souvenirs and stuff :) There are lots of nice shops and restaurants and other lovely things in Paris, so you may understand my predicament. I'd like a budget for each day, because the last time I went I only had about 15 euros left on the last day!

I'm 15, and my parents don't mind how much money I take but I don't want to take too much because it's not fair on them.

Best Answer...


If you're only buying souvenirs etc I would say that 2000 euros would be more than sufficient. Its the perfect amount as you can shop and dine at all the fabulous restaurants and you'll still have loads of money left over in case of an emergency or if you see something you REALLY love and just have to have it. I ended up buying a beautiful glass peacock, it was divine. Paris is wonderful. Have fun!