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Is it ok to bleed anally or should i be concerd? serious question?

im 16 and kinda scared, dont laugh but i just went to the bathroom to pee (ima girl) and when i went to whipe, i seen blood. i know for a fact its not my period. i am bleeding anally and i dont know why. Yesterday i smoked and drank a bit. some 4 lokos, 4 shots of hennessy, clear wine- i think it was called barefoot, and a couple of shots of i dont know what? the only reason im scared is because i didnt throw up, im not goin through any pain and its just weird that i dont know whats goin on inside of my body for this to happen. what should i do? should i tell my mom? my mom knows that i smoke weed but not that i drink. should i go to the doctor? or should i not even pay attention to it? And has this happend to you after drinking or is it just me?

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the same thing happened to me a month ago and i thought i was dying. i told my boyfriend (we were out with our friends at a restaurant-yikes) and he laughed at me and said its no big deal. he said it's happened to him before and it's just a hemmoroid. like its when your cells explode or something...lucky for me it was way up there, because hemmorroids closer to the opening hurt. so i'm just going by what he told me, and he's a pretty smart guy so i trust him. it didn't hurt or anything afterwards and i've been normal since!