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Frequently Asked Questions...

I am searching for a recipe for Halloween pudding?

My grandmother & mother used to make a pudding at Halloween, similar to Christmas pudding but a little drier and a bit more cake like. Does anyone out there have any recipes for something similar that may have been handed down?

Best Answer...


Spicy steamed fruit pudding ;

6 ounces of flour 1, 1/2cups
1 teaspoonful of baking powder
3 ounces sugar 1/2 cup
3 ounces margarine 1/2 cup
2 large eggs
5 ounces mixed dried fruit 1 cup
1,tablespoon dark syrup
pinch of salt
1 heaped spoonful of mixed ground spices *
1 level tspoon of cinnamon *
1 tsp grated nutmeg *
1 teaspoon of ground ginger *
or 1 teasp chopped preserved ginger*
* vary spices according to taste !*
milk to mix

in a large bowl beat margarine and sugar till fluffy add warmed syrup +beaten eggs
add all other ingredients
mix thoroughly adding some milk to make a heavy dropping consistency .
put into pudding basin ( 2 pint )
cover with greaseproof cooking paper
and tie down well

steam for 1...1/2 hours (over continuous boiling water )
serve hot
Turned out onto a plate ,
serve with,;
raspberry coulis sauce, ( blood for Halloween LOL)
or custard
or cream

also good cold as a cake

Enjoy ...!
Have a great Hallo-ween