Genuine Dresden

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Genuine Dresden

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is my figurine real Meissen or fake?

Hey, i was given this from my uncle who got it from his aunt, and i have been wondering if it is worth anything. I have tried to find out about it and i may believe it could be Meissen, however i have my doubts about it.
Please can someone tell me if it is real and how much it could sell for and if is it fake, could i still sell it?

Thanks very much.

Best Answer...


Its a lovely figure and typical of Meissen and is correctly marked with the larger cross swords and the incised number in the paste which indicates that it is not a particularly old piece. My feeling is that it is genuine Dresden which is the later name for Meissen pieces. I would date it as around the 1900s. It is far too well produced to be a copy and if it was a fake it would have been marked as earlier. Check that it is hard paste by just carefully scratching an unglazed bit of the paste with a file. Its a good piece and one I would glady have on my piano.
Value? I am out of touch with values - I used to be an auctioneer but it was a few years ago. My guess would be of the £400 to £500 mark. The best valuation will be given by one of the large auction houses but I hope this helps

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