Copenhagen Porcelain

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What are 10 portable objects that represent Russia?

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If you are looking for something useful, Russia has great textiles and woolen products. For example, Orenburg produces shawls, famous all over Russia, that are made from down (soft fine fluffy feathers). These shawls are unbelievably warm and thick. However, you can pull it through a ring without any difficulty. If you search for national arts there are many old manufactures producing hand-painted trays and jewel-boxes. Then there is chocolate. Russia is neither Swiss, nor Belgium. But it buys cocoa beans from the world's leading producer, along with Lindt. Look for "Krasny Oktyabr" (Red October chocolates). And if you have heard about Royal Copenhagen porcelain, then Russian counterpart will be "gdjel", but the technique and materials used are slightly different. And, of course, painted wooden spoons. Medieval Russians believed that wood was the source of warmth and protection. Therefore, they prefered to live in the wooden houses with wooden furniture, and even tableware. Though this is no longer the case, many people say that eating with a wooden spoon makes a meal two times tastier. And you should try local dairy products, most of them are unique.