Wall Planter

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What pest/diseases are Coleus plants suceptible to? They always die on me?

I'm planting up my wall planters today, and have bought a selection of Coleus - whenever I have had these in the past they always die. I planted a trio of them last year in one of my borders and they literally disappeared overnight, I assume due to slugs?

Will they fare any better in a wall planter? No one else seems to have trouble with them! I just prefer them to the ubiquitous ivy in hanging baskets etc.

Best Answer...


They are SHADE plants. They like moist soil.

Mealybugs are the most common pests of this plant. They show up as white fuzz on the stems, leaves, and leaf axils. This pest moves very slowly and can be easily removed through an application of alcohol or insecticide.

These are very tiny insects that fly out from under the leaves when you disturb the plant. These insects are attracted to the color yellow, so you can use this to your advantage when eliminating them from your garden. Purchase yellow sticky trap from a garden center if you want to control these insects without pesticides.

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