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Im looking for some different ideas for my wedding. any ideas? thanks!!?

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The first place you should look for decor and invitations, which can be one fo the biggest costs, should be like They have so many decorations and ideas. The best place for invites would be Ann's Bridal They have invites for as low as 40cents per 100.

The biggest expense of the wedding is going to be food. Find a place that is large enough to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Also try and find one that doesnt have a rental fee, you just pay the cost of x amount of meals. If you want a really simple wedding, go ahead and do your own food, but make it good. Personally i think that its pointless to have a wedding where all you serve is your own homemade snacks and cake, exspecially if you have people who are flying in from other places. If your guests are going to spend a ton of money on gifts and travel expenses i dont think its right to give them some weenies and cake. But thats just my opinion. Find ways to cut costs so you can still have your classy wedding. ALso opt for either no bar, or strictly cash bar. By having no bar you save hundreds and also cut down on "Uncle Bob" and his ridiculous dance on the table. If people care more about alcohol than your party, thast their problem.

Another great way to cut costs is to go easy on flowers. Use real for the bouquet and corsages and stuff, but find a different way to do centerpieces. My venue, which is actually a restaurant that has an amazing 400 people size facility upstairs gave me the option to rent centerpiece items them and they will even put them together. It makes a lot more sense to rent a lily bowl for 40 cents as opposed to buying them for 3 dollars a pices.

Also, buy out of season. I am having an xmas wedding, so I am hitting up after xmas sales in stores and online and snatching up things that are usually 75% more. So if you r having an early fall wedding, after fall this year go buy out all that kind of stuff.

If the ceremony isnt important to you, just the reception, you could always get married at the justice of the peace for super cheap, then spend all your money on the party after. Or of course, eloping is always an option, as long as you want that kind of wedding.

Do it yourself projects are always nice for a wedding, as long as it is thought out. For instance, many people think they are saving money by buying those print out invitations, but when i broke it down for my wedding it would cost more than getting them online. Each box of the print it yourselfs come in quantities of 20, for about $20 a box. Say you have 100 guests, thats $100, then you have the cost of the ink which can get pricey and then stamps, plus all the work and stress. If you poke around online you would be surprised at how much less you are spending. The same goes for save the dates. Send out a mass email or include a little foot note on ur xmas cards this year.

For the dress, all i can say is search, search , search! Dont waste thousands of dollars on a dress. Also dont spend too little either. Some websites offer promises of dresses for $200, but they come so cheaply made. Try finding one off the rack that has been discontinued and clearance out. Get it as close to ur size as possible so you dont have as many alterations to do.

Photography is also one of the most expensive parts. Go to your local Community College or University and request to speak with the director of photography and ask for a student with talent. All of these college kids have to build a portfolio to graduate and would love an opportunity to build their resumes and books. Give them a test run and if you like the way they work, hire them. They wont charge very much and it helps you both out.

The only other things i can think of off the top of my head, is to not to get roped into all of the little extras that wedding vendors will try to see you. Thinks twice before you agree to the yummy but expensive and messy chocolate fountain. Dont feel pressured to add all the fancy bunting and tulle draped from ceiling to floor. Chairs look just fine without covers, and the room can still be pretty. Less is more. Spend the most money on the things that are most important to you.

Hope this helps. i have been planning my wedding for a long time and have been to many weddings and so far i found these have helped me out the most.

good luck