Filigreed Basket

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of jewelry do you make with these?

What do you make with these? Elite Better Beads filigree pendants and bead caps. How do you string them? Do you hang some-thing from them? Do you put some-thing in-side? Does any-one have any pictures of necklaces made with them?

Best Answer...


Making these types of chandelier earrings are another option for using those large, lacy bead caps.

You could press them into cones before stringing them like this example (click on the picture for a close up pop up)

Also, the ones that you are looking at in that picture are the very large and soft ones so you can use them on beads that you can press the bead cap around, pressing it flat up against the bead like you're wrapping it with the filigree cap.