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I'm thinking about getting moving to camp Darby...what can u tell me about it?..I'm married soldier?

Im stationed at fort leonardwood now and thinking about moving to camp Darby. I wanna know how the housing is and how much extra money you get (I'm married) and what services and is there a mall? And are the people nice? Do I have to get a new phone? How expensive are things? And how much is tv Internet etc. Please help only if u have experience with camp Darby. Thanks for your help. Best awnser I will do!

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The dependents will have to do a EFMP (medical & Dental Screening) to get command sponsorship to accompany you to Italy. If you do get accompanied orders then the military will pay for all of you to fly there, your household goods shipped and possibly a vehicle shipped there as well.

You will receive OCONUS COLA w/dependents. to find out how much go to and it will show you how much per payday you get. It will go up and down with the Euro exchange. But figure around $300 or so a payday.

At the base they do have a gym, movie theater, commissary, youth center, bowling alley, library and some other things as well.

Housing will have some loaner furniture and supply the appliances including washer/dryer. you will usually get AFN in the homes so be prepared for that. shows are usually delayed and no US Commercials (some locations do show US and others do not). Your cell phone you will need to find a provider over there. They might have some arrangements made with the local providers and then again they might not. You should get a Vonage or Skype Phone so you can have a US # then make calls to the US for free and family can call you without the long distance charges.